2017 Gospel Meeting with Mark Dunagan

Monte Vista is pleased to welcome brother Mark Dunagan on November 5th – 8th for a series of Bible-focused lessons.

Past Meetings

2016 Gospel Meeting – Roger Shouse
Gospel Meeting 2016 - Roger Shouse

2016 Gospel Meeting with Roger Shouse


Monte Vista is pleased to welcome brother Roger Shouse on November 6th – 9th for a series of Bible-focused lessons about God’s Powerful Church. Roger is the author of Jump Starts. He’s a native of Indiana, grew up in Indianapolis, attended Purdue University, and has been preaching the Gospel for more than 30 years. He is married with four grown children, and currently lives in Southern Indiana, preaching for the Charlestown Road church of Christ in New Albany.
2015 Gospel Meeting – Rickie Jenkins
Gospel Meeting 2015 - Rickie Jenkins

2015 Gospel Meeting with Rickie Jenkins


Monte Vista welcomed brother Rickie Jenkins on November 8th – 11th for a series of Bible-focused lessons. Rickie is the preacher at the Campbell Road church of Christ in Garland, Texas. His goal through the preaching and teaching is to bring each of us each closer to God through Christ. You can view more of Rickie’s sermons at thebibleway.com
2014 Gospel Meeting – Dee Bowman
Gospel Meeting 2014 - Dee Bowman

2014 Gospel Meeting with Dee Bowman

Monte Vista welcomes you to join us for a series of Bible lessons November 2nd – 7th with brother Dee Bowman. We’ll be meeting for one service on Sunday at 2PM and throughout the week at 7PM. Please feel free to invite your friends and neighbors for this encouraging series of sermons. Click for Directions →

What to Expect

We’re a welcoming group of Christians looking to honor our God and encourage each other toward faithfulness. During each service, we will have congregational singing, hear men of the congregation offer prayers, and listen the Bible lesson from brother Dee. We hope you’ll feel comfortable when you visit!
2013 Gospel Meeting – Wilson Adams
Gospel Meeting 2013 - Wilson Adams

Where is God When I Hurt?

From Fear to Faith—A Journey of Hope and Healing
A Bible study series by Wilson Adams presented at the Monte Vista church of Christ in November 2013

2013 Gospel Meeting with Wilson Adams

Have you or someone you love experienced the heartbreak of life — death, divorce, disease, or other life-changing circumstances? These lessons are designed to take you from the valley of life’s shadows to the rainbow of hope God promises in His Scriptures. Hope is never more needed than in our troubled world of today.

About Wilson Adams

wilsonWilson Adams and his wife, Julie, live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where he serves as a preacher of the gospel and a church elder with the Veterans Parkway church of Christ. They have four children, and two grandchildren. He has a passion for writing and is the author of the Courageous Living series of study guides available at courageouslivingbooks.com. In addition to this series, Wilson is also author of “Around the House,” “Around the House-Again,” “Turning Point,” and co-author of “A Life Lost and Found—A Journey of Hope and Healing.”

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